Consolidate business functions under one roof to optimize selling experience and integrate most present and future e-commerce platforms.
For dealing with new raw materials purchases


Procurement module allows you to make the right inventory decisions based on orders coming in from multiple marketplaces. Multiple invoices, payments and purchases are syndicated in one single dashboard. This module also factors the GRN, returns to vendors thereby indicating the right inventory available.

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To effectively control sales KPIs and monitor them


Sales Module covers the functionality ranging from listing to updating inventory in multiple marketplaces, sales to issues, returns and updates the right inventory of individual SKUs across multiple channels seamlessly. Lets you do an accurate sales forecast and corrective actions can be taken on promotion and price.

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For unstoppable business


The Inventory module gives insights into the inventory at hand across multiple channels. It helps in barcode generation, printing, inventory tracking and shipping information. The Inventory module helps in stocking the right inventory across the right channels to provide the customers with products at the right time.

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For implementation of a complex operation


The warehouse module helps to fast-track the operations through effective management of stock keeping units (SKU) seamlessly through three-tier bin management. Experience a single window information on distributed warehouse contents, utilize bin volume and optimize stowage factor through intelligent recommendations.

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For Better production

Materials Requirement Planning

Delegate your procurement worries to the procurement planning tool. You can set-in reorder levels and can manage procurement lifecycle to suit demand variance. You can be in total control of stock depletion and fulfilment obligations. Facilitates in Insightful rolling procurement, sufficient Available to Promise (ATP) and helps you in maintaining contingent reserves.

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For implementation of a complex operation


The logistics module in VitteCommerce helps you to keep track of the fulfilment, shipment and delivery of orders. You will also be able to track the orders per channel. The integrations with multiple courier companies helps you in adding more functionalities to your logistics operations.

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For Better Business monitoring


Descriptive and Predictive Analytics models are used in this module. The right types of KPIs such as No of Sales, Revenue, Profit and COGS gives an indication of the basic metrics. Additionally, the cost breakdown helps in understanding pockets of profits and losses per SKU. The churn helps in contextually reaching out to specific customers upselling or cross selling specific SKUs.

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For implementation of a complex operation


The reports module gives insights in the performance of the e-commerce organizations on multiple parameters. These insights empower you take the right decisions on the various operational aspects of your e-commerce organization

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