Effectively manage inventory by maintaining the right stock at the right time


Inventory module lets you track the inventory across multiple channels. It tracks inventory history, shipping information and re-stocking. A multi-channel integrates all the online, retail outlets, retail partners to name a few. The inventory department has issues like overselling, in-accurate forecast, managing the warehouse which can be managed well.

All inventory information in one click

Since the stock levels will be updated in real time, the chances of overselling or underselling does not exist. Customer satisfaction will be high because of delivery on time. Profitability will be high because there will be no last- minute procurement to fulfil orders.

Track and reorder stock real time

Since the inventory information is updated real time, sufficient stock levels can be maintained. The automatic tracking and re-ordering can be done. This will ensure the right stock to be kept in your warehouses at the right time based on sales forecast and the actual sale happening in multiple outlets.

Manage multiple outlets

You can manage multiple outlets of different formats. This can be a combination of physical stores, online outlets and deliver partners. Data formats from multiple sources can be configured one time and the stock levels will be updated in real time.

The inventory business process

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