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Technical Architecture

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Database tables



Generation time



Lines of code


Requirements to database schema

The user requirements are collected, a detailed Business Requirement Document is prepared and database tables designed out of the technical document.

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Schema to application code

The database schema of the designed tables is fed to the automation engine and the application code is generated with a click of button.

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Dashy user interface built automatically

60% of the front end is generated instantly enabling rapid POC and proto-type. Enables multiple iterations to tune and tweak the user interface rapidly.

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Back-end code base in seconds

80% of the back-end code is generated automatically and the developer needs to code only for the business rules and few complex stored procedures.

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Even our benefits have perks


72x Faster

Automated code generation engine develops millions of lines of code within few seconds that would take months of efforts by multiple people otherwise.


80% Automation efficiency

The automation of back-end and front-end effectively saves 80% of man hours with regard to development and quality assurance. The standards used would far exceed the expectations of the community.


68% Cost effective

Several million lines of code generated within few seconds leads to savings in development hours resulting in reduction of man power costs, quality assurance costs and operation costs.

Competitive Advantages

Reliable and Secure

The vector architecture is built on solid principles and ensures finest quality code with excellent execution and negligible defects. Achieve high performance with less lines of code.

Rapid POC and Prototype

A working prototype of the turnkey solution can be instantly created. The design and prototype can be tweaked any number of times to align with customer expectation. Seamlessly integrate new components and reduce dependency.

Domain expertise

The top management comes in with expertise in almost 20 + industries and multiple use cases. Enterprise scale applications and products developed with the best coding practices and comes in with re-usability among multiple domains.

Platform Independent

Business critical applications developed using our low code engine is enabled for Docker containerization, as such cloud ready and platform independent. The user’s needs are kept above the choices in technology.

Failure mode and effect analysis

The potential failure areas in development which results in loss of man hours in redundant bug fixing are reviewed and handled in an effective manner, thus reduce cost to the company relatively.

High value proposition

Achieve high performance with less lines of code. The debugging and any extended development are a matter of simplicity. 80% reduction in man hours results in saving of millions of dollars.

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