At Vittena, you build a strong foundation for the future. Our portfolios of research, platform, products and services let you experience the most dynamic evangelistic environment. For non-core assets, it would be an enterprising journey. Explore and enrich your potential to make a difference – narrate a success story to the world.


Product Company – full-stack end-to-end exposure from design board to data centres.

Small Team – rich mix of horizontals and verticals.

Conducive learning environment for the mutual benefit.

Knowledge building – committed to inspire and enrich knowledge base.

Hands-on experience in latest Technologies, Tools and Components:

Vue.js, HTML5, CSS3, Multilayer Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Domain Specific Languages (DSL), Web and Mobile application (iOS, Android and Windows exposure). WPF, RESTful Micro services, gRPC, Xamarin, .NET Core, ASP.NET Core Web. API, Flutter, Windows Azure Cloud Services, AWS Cloud & Lambda services. TypeScript, Node.js, Redis, Elastic Search, Kibana, Grafana.

Visual Studio Code, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Jenkins, and advanced open source tools.


We are in search of talents who are inherently passionate about doing great things, be it design, development, quality assurance, deployment or about inspiring the brilliant minds, we have an opportunity.

A conducive work environment which is cross-functional and progressive.

360-degree development of every human asset, augmentation of theory and practice in the right proportion to extend technical proficiencies and leadership skills.

Transparent and flexible HR policies meant to encourage efficiency and effectiveness.

A young team full of energy and passion for work.

Preference to fresher with ample opportunity for development during a six month extensive training period.

An aggressive learning environment right from drawing board to data centers.

Work Culture

Our dynamic and performance-based work culture supports organization development through employee development. We believe that a small team of like-minded professionals, dedicated with technical excellence and passion can achieve what large organizations can’t. Hence, at Vittena, we inscribe intellectual minds.

The willingness to take initiatives.

An entrepreneurial quotient.

A far sighted vision.

Unwavering attention to detail.

Ability to work with least direction.

An unending quest for wisdom.

Unequivocal passion to transform.

An analytical mindset

Positive inter-personal skills and willingness to adapt to a close-knit team

Internal drive for making effort and achieving excellence

Recruitment process

Our recruitment process starts with short listing of resumes . We place emphasis on the completeness and details of the resume as the first impression of candidate. Shortlisted candidates are contacted by email for a suitable interview date based on mutual concern.

The candidates are subjected to three tier ABC assessment model on Computer Based system and then through a face to face interview reinforcing the concepts, understanding and reasoning of CBT.

Analytical Competency

Analytical competency involved logical reasoning, seeing the big picture, Other Side of a coin and ability to classify.

Behavioral Competency

This part measures the Candidate’s behavioral alignment with the core values of company in terms of real life experiences.

Core Competency

Core competency refers to purely segmented and in depth technical knowledge and skill.

Open Positions

Job description

Looking for interested and active full-stack developers. The candidate would be driven to learn various techniques and technologies by working on challenging Microsoft .NET applications.

No. of Openings:


Primary Skills

Minimum 1 year of experience as Developer.

Strong knowledge in object oriented concepts.

Good knowledge in .NET .

Hands on experience using API and Third Party Libraries.

Key Responsibilities

Understand business use-case and design sequence, class, and entity diagrams for development.

Database design, tables and write stored procedures.

DAL and Business logic development based on functional algorithm.

Component integration and write automated functional testing.

Build API (Micro services).

Cloud (Azure, AWS) hosting.


Job description

Looking for interested and active front-end developers. The candidate would be driven to learn various techniques and technologies by working on challenging Microsoft .NET applications.

No. of Openings:


Primary Skills

Minimum 2 years of experience as Vue.js Developer.

Strong knowledge in TypeScript and JavaScript.

Hands on experience using HTML5.

Key Responsibilities

Understand functional and non-functional requirements.

User-experience design and development using HTML5, CSS3 & Vue JS.

Primary work involves Vue.js based development and integration with back-end API.

Conduct UI testing with latest UI tools before handover to test engineers.

Perform quality assurance of the build and check conformance with SRS.


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