Manage procurement lifecycle with full control on stock depletion and fulfilment obligations.

Materials requirement planning

MRP helps in Insightful rolling procurement, Sufficient Available to Promise (ATP) and helps you in maintaining contingent reserves. The manufacturing department is always under pressure to produce and deliver on time. This gets tough when there is inconsistent demand and the lot sizes are less. The issues faced by the manufacturing department are poor inventory management, inadequate quality control, ineffective process management which are dealt in MRP

Accurate production planning and reporting

The MRP module in Vitte Commerce helps you to delegate your procurement worries to the procurement planning tool. You can set-in reorder levels and can manage procurement lifecycle to suit demand variance. You can Be in total control of stock depletion and fulfilment obligations.

Reduces operating cost

The module gives you a real time information about the sales, purchase orders and also the stock levels. This saves a lot of time in searching for information and saves manual efforts. This reduces the operating cost of production.

Precise delivery

Because of the savings in time in searching for information and also on the time spent in production, the deliveries begin happening on time.

The MRP business process

We have also built enterprise grade business applications for multiple industries.
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