VitteCommerce reporting and analytics module transforms your data into meaningful drag and drop graphs and charts. You will be able to visualize the performance and take decisions.

Analytics & Reports

The data that can be exported out of the siloed systems will not be that useful. You will have to spend inordinate amount of time in deciphering the data and creating meaningful insights to help them take decisions. It gets even more tougher when there are 10s of 1000s of SKUs. Getting them into the right formats and catering the right type of the intelligence to the right users – Sales, Inventory, Finance and the C Level execs is a big challenge.


  • Sales forecast per region per product per channel
  • Identifying potential fast-moving products


  • Identifying price elastic and inelastic markets
  • Projecting the stocks and hence reducing COGS


  • Insights on future listing across multiple channels
  • Potential areas to improve the listing


  • Sales forecasts per channel
  • Dynamic pricing per channel
  • Identify the potential growth channels


  • Forecast of sales per channel
  • Inventory movement per channel
  • Fast moving Vs Slow moving per region per channel

The insights and results process

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