Plan and manage your logistics operation effectively and efficiently.


For e-commerce companies, it is better that they have their own logistics arm. This will help them control and deliver the products to the right person the right time. With the fierce price competition among multiple ecommerce players, it is important that a tight rein is kept on the cost also. Tracking the logistics will also help in communicating to the customers on the various stages of the shipment.

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics will have a huge financial impact in e-commerce. This includes an opportunity loss and a spend on two-way logistics. Reverse Logistics module analyses the amount of product reclaimed and resold, wastage, defects and customers return to make decisions.

Shipment tracking and documentation

The products are stored in warehouse and delivered to multiple customer locations. Tracking has to begin right from the source till the last mile. This module also has documentation at multiple levels of shipment and tracks the compliance till the last mile.

Delivery receipt

e-companies can be successful If they are able to deliver the products on time to their customers. The companies can track the performance only with the delivery receipt generated upon each delivery. The companies will be able to track the on-time , delayed time and also non delivered receipts to help take decisions in bettering the process.

The logistics business process

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