Manage your sales effectively with vitte-commerce


We have to ensure that products fly off our warehouse. The products need to be sold before the merchandise cycle. The issues faced by retailers when they sell in multiple marketplaces are to find out where the products are being sold the best, how much stock is available, acquiring new customers and increase the wallet share of existing customers

Sales and Returns

The module covers the aspects right from sales to the issues of the products. The module also covers the sales returns and updates the inventory of individual SKUs across multiple channels seamlessly.

Sales Forecast

This information gives a good insight into the actual sales and revenue that can be compared with the sales forecast. Assuming a steady demand and a good forecast, the product sales fluctuations can help us determine what swings the consumer behaviour. We will then be able to take corrective actions either on promotion or on price.

Customer Management

This module gives good insight into your customers. You will be able to categorize your high, medium and low value customers. You will also get a good insight into the association of the products they have bought and can suggest the right products for them in their next visit.

The sales business process

We have also built enterprise grade business applications for multiple industries.
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