Manage your job cards, tools issue, work completion certificate and invoices systematically.

Sale of Service

The ship repair services company sells services to the ships. They take preventive maintenance, annual maintenance contracts or provide on - call resources for repairing and maintenance of ships. The prospective customer sends an inbound enquiry, a sales person is assigned to that. The customer gives a go ahead for a specific component. A service engineer is allotted based on the availability and the skill sets. The job cards are made based on the purchase orders.

Mobilization note

The Mobilization note is prepared for the engineer to travel from the company and to be authorized into the vessel. The tools issue voucher is also assigned for the engineer to carry certain tools required to perform the service. The clearance is given both for the engineer and for the tools they will be carrying.

Tools issue voucher

The tools that are assigned to the engineer is listed in the tools issue voucher. This will help the manager tracks the return of the tools when the engineer finishes the job. This helps in managing the inventory of the tools that are required for support.

Delivery note

Delivery notes of the products that are serviced by the services entity can be generated once the serviced products are dispatched from the company. This will enable the customer to check the products arrival along with the delivery note. This will help the customer issue the work completion certificate once they finish their QA.

Work completion certificate

The work in progress is tracked on a constant basis and entered in the system. The work is flagged as complete by the users in each stage. The work completion certificate is now issued against a job card.

Raising an invoice

The invoice module is integrated with a payment wizard. The invoice can be automatically created once the work completion certificate is generated. The terms and conditions in the proposal can be referred to and can be used in the invoices

Time sheet

Time sheets are generated to monitor and manage the engineers time utilization. The time `sheets are filled in by the engineer and the utilization can be viewed per day, per engineer and per customer. With this data, the team can also work on optimizing the time and increasing productivity and profitability.

The service process

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