Track and manage all your enquiry, quotation, order confirmation and sales orders in one dashboard.


The sales module in Vitte scope enables managing sales of the service outlets. The module is integrated with inventory module and displays the inventory information real time.


The sales module captures all the enquiries coming from multiple channels and from multiple customers. This will serve as the sales pipeline for the organization. This will also help the sales team in their forecasting.


The information of the stock available with the prices based on their cost price is available. The sales team can make quick quotations with the help of this information. The proposals an be approved by multiple levels and finally can be sent to the customer.

Order Confirmation

The quotation can then be converted into confirmed orders based on the prospect giving the go ahead. The purchase team and the service team can access the purchase order based on the number. The teams can then begin the work on allotting the tools and the equipment for the job.

Sales order

The purchase order is converted into a sales order. The products will be taken from the shelf directly when it gets shipped directly to the customer. The delivery note or the shipping advice is also attached along with the sales order.

Invoice / Billing

The invoice or the billing module is also integrated with the sales Module. This helps the invoices being generated when the customer signs on the service completion report.

Activity Reporting

There are multiple activities ranging from database creation, in bound leads, outreach, enquiries, activities etc. These are important KPIs to measure the success of the sales organization’s efficiency. You will be able to track all the activities of the sales teams.

The sales process

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