Just-in time procurement methodology made hassle free with vitte-scope


Based on the purchase orders and the tools required for service, the purchase department needs to purchase quite a bit of components or tools. Purchase has to maintain the right quantity of inventory of all products at the optimal level. Purchase orders ae to be generated against multiple spare parts to local vendors. This module manages the entire activity right from indent to purchase orders to delivery.

Tracking Inquiry and Proposals

The purchase order numbers are integrated to the Enquiry number and the Quotation numbers. This helps in understanding the cost of sourcing the materials in reference to the quotation. This also helps in the sales team understanding the delivery timelines.

Returnable delivery note

Many times, a product is sent to a 3rd party vendor to complete a portion of service on it. The vendor will be issued a Returnable Delivery Note that will be automatically created. The RDN will be returned back by the 3rd party vendor along with the completed serviced product.

Invoice handling

The purchase module tracks the PO generation made on each vendor. The Good Received Notes are generated upon receipt by the company. The invoice is generated by the vendor. The invoices are matched against the PO and the GRN. The purchase module then sends the clearance to the Finance department for payment.

The procurement process

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