Tracks the inventory status, requisitions, inventory transfers and quality controls in one dashboard.


Inventory module is interconnected with Purchase, Sales and Service modules. The stocks at any given time in the warehouse or in the service centres need to be measured and re-ordered. This will ensure holding cost and ensures optimal inventory management. Inventory status will let you drill down to tracking inventory available across components, equipment, tools etc. You can also avoid long lead item shortages as you will optimize the stock on a as you need basis.


Requisitions of spare parts or equipment can be optimized by checking against their usage period, frequency and the forecasted sales. You will be able to make the optimal purchases based on the actual needs and end up not understocking or overstocking.

Inventory transfers

You can foresee the demand and non-utilization of your tools and equipment at multiple places and can do the stock transfer based on the need to critical customer locations. This will help you reduce the inventory overload at multiple places.

Quality Control

Quality control module is integrated with Production, Purchase and store departments. The module helps track quality levels at multiple stages of production and transportation. The tracking can be agile to avoid any high variance at any stage of the production process. Hence the Quality of the products can be tracked and kept at a high level.

The inventory process

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