Manage your employees, systematically handle their payroll and attendance.

Human Resource

The human resource module acts as the interface between HR and the employees. The module captures all the details required to be captured about the employee.

New employee Creation

New employees can be created under each department and under a part time / full time employment. Employee management can also be easily done. The details such as Job position, Reporting manager, contact details, Date of Joining, Confirmation period can be entered and maintained.

Salary Details

The salary details such as Fixed and Variable or Incentive split up can be entered at a high level. The components of the salary can also be maintained along with tax components. This will be helpful for the salary slip generation at the end of the months. The system is fully customizable and the users can configure their own rules for setting incentives for multiple slabs for multiple products at multiple margins for multiple sales people at their grades.

User Rights

All the employees may not be given the rights to access the system. The user rights can be assigned to the users based on their title, grade and special permissions as decided by the management.

Leave Management

The total number of leaves as per the categories of the leaves and the number of allotted leaves as per the grade can be captured. The system will give real time alerts to the employees of the pending leave at their end.

Over time and Advance

Rules can be set in the system to allot the number of working hours per day. The minimum Advance issues based on the grades and the titles can be fixed in the system. System will not allow any new advances if the advance credit limit gets exceeded. Rules can be set to deduct a specific percentage of the advance from the salary of the employees also.


At the end of the month, the payroll is prepared based on the leaves and the advance taken by the employee, Salary slips are generated automatically.

The human resource process

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