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Finance and Accounting

Finance module helps us in managing costs and in making profits. This manages complex operations such as paying debts, receiving payments, manage the existing assets and also comply in with local and international regulations.

Sales and Receivables

The finance module is integrated with the sales module and accurately reflects the receivables, and the ageing analysis of the past invoices is done helping in coming up with a credit history of the vendors. Pending payments are also reflected on a constant basis to the sales team for collections

Procurement and Payables

The module is integrated with the procurement module. The GRNs filled in gets reflected in the Finance module that allows the invoices to be processed. This is also integrated with the sales module that captures the payment terms of the vendors and the payment in tranches are done.

Fixed Assets and Depreciation

The module records all information about the assets in the organization. This includes asset identification codes, descriptions, costs, locations, insurance dates, depreciation methods etc. this helps in quick identification of assets, relocating them, sending them for maintenance and expectations of the performance of these assets in multiple locations

Bank Reconciliation

The BRS module allows you to reconcile between the ERP and the Bank account. The data from the general ledger files is compared to the bank statements and auto matching takes place.

Journal entry

Every financial transaction gets reflected in at least two GL accounts – Debit and a Credit. Double entry transactions are posted in two columns and the balance of all debit and credit entries must balance.

Balance Sheet

The balance sheet functionality provides the financial statement or the position of the organization. This includes Assets, Liabilities and financial balances listed as of a specific period. This helps in getting a snapshot of the organization financial condition.

Trial Balance

The trial balance lists of all the GL accounts and ensures that entries in a company book keeping system are mathematically correct. The list will contain nominal ledgers that will have either a debit or a credit balance in the respective columns.

Income statement

The income statement comes out with a summary of the company profits and losses as of the specific period. This will help measure the financial health of the business.

General Ledger

The GL provides the ability to track financial accounting data centrally. This module integrates with multiple other departments that include Sales, Procurement, Warehouse, Logistics, Manufacturing etc. this module also takes care of period and year closing.

The financial process

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