Manage lounge and restaurant reservation, capture the guest information, manage menu and increase loyalty of the customers.

Lounge & Restaurant

The hotels need to ensure that the restaurants and lounges are booked as much as possible. management module gives information about the following activities. The module covers the following functionalities right from lounges, table reservation, allotment and transfer.


Gives a snapshot of the tables that are booked and available. This gives an idea of the revenue that can be generated on that date.

Multiple types of restaurant such as Dine -In, Delivery, Room services and Take away are displayed here. This helps the hotel to measure revenue per type of restaurant.

Menu management

Allows you to manage menu of multiple types across multiple types of restaurant. Also allows you to provide pricing of multiple food items. Inventory module helps in controlling the inventory of food items that are needed to service the guest. A prediction of the stock required for the day based on the past restaurant sales helps in stocking the optimal raw material inventory levels

Loyalty Management

Loyalty program helps you in tracking the regular visitors and in helping you in keeping stock of their favourite food and beverages. This will help in increasing customer satisfaction. The module also allows capture of multiple types of feedback in the system. This helps in the hotel analysing the feedback of the guests and taking corrective action.

The lounge & restaurant process

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