Track information about the rooms, the status of pending payments and insightful guest information


A front-office module allows a front-desk manager to view and update room reservation status, check guests in and out, and process payments. A guest would like to get information as quickly as possible with limited waiting time. This requires the hotels to streamline and automate daily operations and administrative tasks. Systems must be implemented to track every activity in all departments.


Information on the multiple types of rooms and their prices is made available. Facilitates booking for certain types of rooms for certain types of customers. Pre accepted rate cards can be configured for special and loyal customers. The details of the customer can be shown on the reservations screen along with their special privileges. You will also be able to block the rooms for guests or maintenance.


Provides information about the payments collected, pending payments and potential collections from secondary and from tertiary services. Alerts are also sent to the front office as and when the credit limits for a customer is exceeded. The management can take the necessary action based on the information.

Guest information

Instant information to your guests based on their queries. The module also captures and gives information of the guest’s past transactions with the hotel. The personal information such as Address, D.O.B, Anniversary, Preferred food allows the hotel to customize the services and the messages to the guest.

The front office process

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