Manage your booking through multiple devices and get instant information about the pricing, availability of rooms.


The Booking module allows you to seamlessly book rooms for your guests from anywhere, anytime. The module gives you information on multiple types of rooms, the price, the availability and allows you to block, book and cancel. The module gives you good visibility into the available inventory of rooms available. This gives you the ability to decide on strategies to improve the room utilization. The system allows multiple payment modes.

Integration with OTAs

For a modern hotel business, online booking APIs are readily available to integrate the hotel management system with multiple travel aggregators.

Centralized booking system

A centralized booking system has all inventory data and dates and is integrated with the front desk. The system also allows for a central booking system for a group of chain hotels.

Flexible architecture

The system allows certain types of rooms, amenities, food menu and activities for certain types of customers based on their preference. The system also allows alerts for upgrades in the booking system based on the loyalty management point accruals as well.

The booking process

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