Manage all amenities of your hotel easily and see the increase in revenue


There are multiple amenities in a hotel. All these amenities are revenue generators for the hotel. VitteInn helps in the hotel managing these assets and ensure maximum utilization of these resources. Amenities include revenue centres that are outside of the restaurants, rooms and transportation. This includes spaces of entertainment, places of worship, Lawn etc.

Gym / Indoor games

Some people might want to book slots with gyms, yoga, and request for specific sports equipment to play. This module manages the availability, maintenance and invoicing of this category of amenities.

Swimming pool

Hotels have a variety of needs for managing swimming pools. It could range from a wide specification like underwater lighting, warm water, depth, and kids pool. VitteInn Amenities include maintenance and costing activities and ensure that the swimming pool conditions are kept intact.

Banquet hall / Lawn

Hotels have Banquet halls and Lawns that might be booked for parties or for a conference. VitteInn facilitates in managing the available slots, booked slots, revenue collected, bills to be collected and guest information to provide certain custom services to the group.

The amenities process

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