Track and manage your sales with vitte-business and handle multiple modes of payment effortlessly.

Product Sales

Vitte Business handles all the activities of a sales team that include pre-sales, sales and post-sales. The module covers history of customers, sales job works, finished product sales, sales returns, Quotation preparation and dispatch advice.


Has information on multiple customers, their order history, their payment history etc.

Finished product sales

Has the information on products, batches and integrates with inventory for automatic adjustment.

Sales job works

Captures every details of work order given to suppliers. Assigns date, quantity, delivery details for each job works. Also assigns GST.

Assembly sales

Has information on product numbers, Bill of Materials, Quantity. The inventory gets adjusted accordingly based on the received Semi Finished Goods.

Dispatch advice

Has information on goods in transit and is integrated with Logistics. Allows generation of invoice once the GRN is received from the customer.


Has the information of invoices that is the end of the process of sales of goods or services. The invoices are raised when the work completion notification comes in from either the manufacturing or the GRN comes in from the customer. The ageing analysis gives insights into the amount outstanding.

The product sale process

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