Comply with regulations and systematically plan your purchases based on the sales volume.

Material Purchase

Streamlines the procurement of the raw materials and automates the purchase process. Purchase is integrated with the inventory and the production planning.

Supplier / Sub contractor

Contains complete information about the suppliers, sub -contractors and non-engineering service providers. Gives complete information about multiple vendors to highlight past performance, special prices negotiated etc.

Material requirement

Enables capture of the material requirement for a specific work order. This is integrated with the BOM and the inventory. This helps in deciding the requirement, stock in hand and make the Make Vs Buy decisions.

Releasing Purchase Orders

The Purchase orders are ready to be generated once the Make Vs Buy decisions are made. The orders are based on the vendors based on the past history, prices they quote and the delivery date requirements.

GST and other government compliances

The POs come in with adherence to government regulations such as TDS, GST and other regulatory compliance documents based on the vendors location, type of business entity etc.

Purchase orders amendment and cancellations

Captures information of the purchase orders that need to be modified based on the sudden changes with the customers. The allied details of the PO also get adjusted in the amended invoice.

Stock updates and Reports

Stock updates are reflected in the stock ledeger and stock register. The module allows tracking of purchase order from the creation till the materials received. The insights allows you to get an estimation of raw materials and costs.

The material purchase process

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