Create and track bill of materials and manage their utilization


Manufacturing is the heart of VitteBusiness. This automates the entire activities of engineering and helps in reducing costs and increasing productivity.

Work order

This functionality helps in managing all work order related information and activities. The list of work orders captures the work in progress, new Work orders and the schedule of delivery. This helps in executing the work orders in the right sequence.

Production planning

This functionality helps in planning the production based on the work orders. You get access to a single snapshot view of the resource’s utilization. You will now be able to balance the load and can see the delivery schedule in the future.

Plant Maintenance

Plant and Machine maintenance are important for the production to be smooth. Preventive maintenance helps in reducing the breakdowns and in helping the plant utilization to be high. You will get insights into multiple types of maintenance that include Inspection, Servicing and Repair.

The manufacturing process

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