Manage your pre-arrivals, bookings and local touring systematically with vitte-inn


As part of the front office, the Transportation module plays an important role in customer movement. The module receives the guest requests and eases the movement of the guests. This module eventually helps in calculating the profitability of the transportation services of the hotel. This also enhances the customer satisfaction of the guests before they arrive, while they stay and when they depart from the hotel. The module is connected with the F&A and Front desk that facilitates real time information on credit and debits of balance of guests and updating travel desk rates. The transportation module includes the following functionality.

Pre-Arrivals & Departure

  • This module deals with the pre-arrivals of the guests from multiple locations
  • Departure booking to multiple locations
  • Booking and vehicle utilization for the period


  • Vehicle availability
  • Types of vehicles available

Local touring

  • List of locations covered in the local touring
  • The rates per location and package
  • Time of departure and arrival
  • Details of affiliate transportation facilities

The transportation process

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