Provides insight on revenue forecasting, room utilization, front office & house-keeping

Analytics & Reports

An effective way of managing the operations of the hotel is to create a variety of reports in each department. These reports will help you measure the success of each department. The reports in VitteInn suite include. The reports are, at a high level divided into Profitability, Operations and Front office dashboards.

Revenue Forecasting

The report is intended to estimate the demand for the hotel in the future months. This report gives a good insight to help them deal with the uncertainty in the business. The customizable report template captures information about daily, weekly and monthly descriptive data. These reports will help you in predicting the future market demand.

Room utilization report

The room utilization report helps you in finding out the important metrics such as Utilized and un-utilized rooms. Average Daily Rate, Average occupancy rate etc.

Front office reports

The front office gives a complete insight into the following reports. The reports contain price per room, profit per room, coupons available, Arrival and Departure, Credit limits reports etc

Housekeeping reports

The Housekeeping report gives a complete insight into the tasks that based on arrival and departure. The house keeping occupancy report gives a list of items to stock in the room based on the availability. The report also gives insights into the room and asset maintenance.

Inventory reports

The inventory report gives a complete insight into the pending purchase orders, purchase returns, shrinkage, Request and Issue indent, Stock availability and variance etc.

Cashier Reports

The cashier report gives a complete insight into data such as Advance, Settlement, Petty cash, Refunds, Expenses and Out-standings etc. The reports can be pivoted against certain dates, customers, payment types etc.

The analytics & reports process

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