Planning to build an enterprise solution On-prem or on-cloud, leverage our ubiquitous expertise to build a secure, resilient and high-performance digital enterprise. Enterprise architecture requires design niche skills to articulate.

Construct a MS Azure or AWS cloud-based hybrid or on-prem design to put your business computing process ahead of peers.


  • Underwriting rules engine
  • Risk based statistical modelling
  • Claim automation through RPA
  • Progress migration
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  • Low bandwidth sustainable solution
  • Streaming vs packet data transfer
  • Hybrid technologies for business continuity
  • Lightweight distributed enforcement architecture
  • Deep domain expertise in marine solution engineering
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  • Multi-layer security architecture
  • Encryption and hashing technologies
  • One-enterprise and service bus concept
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  • Big-data analytics architecture
  • Statistical modelling and prescriptive analytics
  • Reference architecture for distributed healthcare
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Border control

  • Homeland security
  • Advanced passenger information system (APIS)
  • E-Visa solutions
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