Vittena Analytics was established with pure entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for financial analytics. The company culture encourages and nurtures innovation. Our founders are dedicated towards designing software solutions which can:

  • strengthen intrinsic value and resolve a problem,
  • improve human efficiency by leveraging technology,
  • be a source of intellectual motivation,
  • promote financial stability,
  • assist in decision making,
  • make financial analysis, and
  • make financial goal setting a feasible task for masses.

We, therefore, search for talent which is inherently passionate about financial analytics and motivated towards innovation.

As a lean start-up, Vittena has much to offer to its employees –

  • A conducive work environment which is cross-functional and progressive
  • An aggressive learning environment right from drawing board to data centers.
  • 360 degree development of each human asset, in terms of financial sector understanding, technical proficiencies and managerial skills
  • Transparent and flexible HR policies meant to encourage efficiency and effectiveness
  • A young team full of energy and passion for work
  • Preference to fresher with ample opportunity for development during a six month extensive training period.

Our dynamic and performance based work culture supports organization development through employee development. We believe that a small team of like-minded professionals, dedicated towards technical excellence can achieve what large organization can’t in the sphere of financial analytics. Our flagship software product, VitteScope is being designed with the intent of inscribing to intellectual mirror. Hence, at Vittena, we value –

  • The willingness to take initiatives
  • An entrepreneurial quotient
  • A far sighted vision
  • Unwavering attention to detail
  • Ability to work with least direction
  • An unending quest for wisdom
  • Unequivocal passion to transform
  • An analytical mindset
  • Positive inter-personal skills and willingness to adapt to a close-knit team
  • Internal drive for making effort and achieving excellence

Although, new in the industry, we can’t match the paymasters and offer competitive remunerations; we do offer beneficial ownership in addition to monetary compensation. Thus, we welcome new and experienced talent to join our progressive team.

If you think there is a best fit, please write to us at [email protected]