In constant pursuit of excellence, Vittena Analytics was established in 2013 under the able leadership of Chenbaga Sathishan (MD) and Capt. Sathishan Pillai (Director, Finance). Vittena analytics was conceived with the futuristic software solution, VitteScope, which is a personal finance program. Over the years, the company has conceptualized and designed the software for mass usage and is fit for both personal and corporate finance management.

Inscribing to the financial knowledge and investing wisdom of Mr Benjamin Graham (Author, Financial expert); Vittena has evolved as a lean entrepreneurial venture that strives towards establishing new industrial best practices and benchmarks. The registered office of Vittena Analytics Private Limited is in Chennai.


Chenbaga Sathishan, (Managing Director):

Under her boundless entrepreneurial spirit and excellent managerial skills, Vittena Analytics has grown dynamically in the past two years. She was instrumental in the designing and development of VitteScope, flagship product of Vittena. With a degree in Computer Applications and an MBA in E-business from the Annamalai University, Ms Chenbaga enjoyed a fast-track career in high-end dot-net platform before making Vittena Analytics a reality.

Capt. Sathishan Pillai (Director of Finance):

Capt. Pillai embarked upon his journey of financial analytics and entrepreneurial excellence while pursuing his MBA in Shipping and Logistics Management. As a Merchant Navy Officer for the past twenty years, Capt. Pillai conceptualized and successfully implemented financial goals which led to the birth of VitteScope. In addition to an MBA degree, he also holds a professional qualification as Master Mariner and is currently pursuing the CFA Program. With a synergistic approach towards life, Capt. Pillai has been the guiding force behind designing VitteScope for en-masse.


Harish Raghuram, Chartered Accountant:

Harish is a practicing Chartered Accountant, has seven years of experience in Direct  taxes and Corporate audit. His areas of specialization are Tax planning for mid corporates, Internal audits, Corporate audits and Bank Finance. He  also undertakes guidance class for CA Students. Mr. Harish is a founding partner with YS and Co., the firm with its base at Coimbatore was formed in the year 2009 by the partners who have wide experience in various areas of auditing including Internal Audit, Stock Audit & Statutory Audit. The partners have been associated with leading audit firms for the past six years and have also been conducting bank statutory audits.

Apart from the full time partners, the firm has its associates professionals having wide exposure to corporate structuring, project finance and working capital finances, cost accounting and other related matters.

The services rendered by the firm include, Goodwill valuation, Valuation for Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax Audits and Tax planning Assistance. The firm also enables corporates to lay down various systems and procedures in relation to their business activities taking into account the specialized requirements of the promoters/Management. The manual for such procedures is prepared in close coordination with the promoters and is specifically tailored for the needs of the client.

Commander S.P. Ilangovan (Retd.), Legal Advisor:

Commander S.P.Ilangovan is a Retired Commander from the Indian Navy with more than 29 years of experience in the Executive & Naval Armaments Departments. He has a rich industry experience in ordnance factories and armament depots. He also served in the Defence Research & Development organizations and Defence Standardisation organization; He is also a practicing advocate in the High Court of Madras, Armed Forced Tribunal and other civil courts. Likewise, he is a panel advocate in the Tamil Nadu Legal Services Authority. He is a visiting faculty in Indian Maritime University (IMU), International Maritime Academy (IMA) and other Marine Institutions teaching Maritime Law, Maritime Commerce and Marine Management. In addition to several service qualifications, he holds a B.Sc degree from Madras University, ptsc from Institute of Armament Technology Pune, AMIE in Electrical Engineering from Institution of Engineers, MBA in Computer Management from Pune University, Bachelor of Law from Dr.Ambedkar Law University and Master of Law in International Law from Madras University. He has dedicated himself for the cause of the poor & hapless and lends a helping hand for their uplift.

Vision & Mission

Vittena envisions becoming the most admired and unique technology corporation of global repute, and be the first choice of solution savvy customer world-wide.

Vittena will develop cutting-edge technology products on a par with the time. Our technical solutions shall serve for the systematic and holistic development of individuals and enterprises alike.

Our solutions shall further strengthen intrinsic value, be a source of intellectual motivation, promote financial stability, assist in decision making, and serve as a noble cause for humanity.

Corporate Principles

  • Growth orientation: Vittena has and will continue to seize opportunities in the software product business-scape. Our growth is not only defined in financial and economic terms, but is a socially responsible endeavor meant to result in betterment of humankind.
  • Knowledge base: Consistently inscribing to the intellectual mirror, we aim to build and propagate knowledge without limitations.
  • Business Ethics: Conducting business with due diligence and transparent management, we have and will continue to adhere to the highest social, ethical and corporate standards.
  • Dynamism: Vittena is designed to evolve in a competent, innovative and creative manner, optimizing business efficiency and values.

Corporate Profile

Founded Vittena was founded on 23rd April, 2013 and incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956 of Govt. of India as a private limited company.
Founders Capt. Sathishan Pillai & Chenbaga Sathishan
Business The Company is specializing in the design and development of financial software products for local and global markets.
Registered -cum-Corporate Office No.44, ‘Varunalayam’, Haritha Enclave, West Tambaram, Chennai – 600045. India.
No. of Directors Three
No. of Employees Five

The Name Within

Vittena in Sanskrit language means ‘The flow of wealth’ or ‘Wealth that automatically comes’. This signifies the flow of money. The very meaning of this term coincides with our core business principle – wealth creation from efficient financial management.

We chose the name in Sanskrit, as it is the one of the oldest languages in the world originated from India. Likewise, we take pride in combining our wisdom on financial management from roots to the current technology of this generation. Our mission statement – ‘Inscribing the Intellectual mirror’ encompasses this idea. Vittena promises to provide products and services to clients with niche technology on cloud secured platform. Our unique products offer excellent user experience making it a unique brand.

Vittena: concept behind the Logo

Our Logo signifies a wealth-ship. Since our core philosophy is to help corporates and individuals to plan their financials most efficiently and improve their revenue, our logo symbolizes that our customers prosper with their wealth. Usually, Wealth ships are known to carry wealth across oceans and signify prosperity.

Our brand name ‘Vittena’ is painted with the colours of rainbow (VIBGYOR – Violet, Indigo, Blue,, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red) to symbolize integrity and intelligence with diversity. We possess varied domain expertise brought from best financial advisors, who has industry insight and wisdom to drive better results for our clients.”