Parametric Rapid Application Development Automation.
Our proprietary low code framework engine and trusted workhorse for software missions.
72x Faster
100% on time delivery
66% under budget
Gold standard design
Quantum code quality
Entrust us with your technical-debt and let us deliver the turnkey solution.



For the digital spectrum
Delivering value-rich turnkey solutions to the customer is our goal. Our downstream devops model is based on MTO (make-to-order) or CTO (configure-to-order) concepts. Thanks to PRADA, we design, develop and deploy enterprise grade applications less ordinary way – great velocity, punctual delivery, substantial cost saving, and a gold standard engineering design.

PRADA help us develop business-critical enterprise applications for entities that engage or embrace digital transformation as an intangible asset.

Software Product companies
Software Servicing & consulting companies
Citizen developers
ITES companies
Entities in need of
digital transformation.



Requirements-in, REST-API out.
Requirement analysis is carried out through the CORE (comprehensive requirement gathering tool) module and is the only manual process-oriented work our business analyst do. Alternatively, the client may choose to provide a pre-drafted requirement document in our template. Using the Declarative Metadata Modelling technique, we transform those specificities into a powerful and complex data model that is resilient as well as scalable in the future.



Vector architecture built on SOLID principles.
We have layered it, so you can work them easy. Built on a Vector Architecture concept, as we call it, the engine provides several advantages and benefits while developing any business-critical applications:
as components

Devops velocity

72x faster and 60s development lifecycle.
Core design, development and quality assurance proceeds in a fully automated manner at the click of a button. The low code strategy provides phenomenal speed of development, accuracy and reliability.
seconds coding


Modelling technique

Data modelling the bottom-up way.
Designed by declarative metadata modelling technique. This means input parameters are carefully classified and then weaved through a relationship node to form a scalable data model. This has the benefit of pruning or adding any new input or output parameters to effect a change in functionality and automatically bring the desired changes to dependent entities. All this can be done from the design studio and run the results for approval.
of design architecture
Patterns in use
Bottom Up



Instant prototyping and Enterprise ready.
As we complete requirement analysis, a working prototype of the turnkey solution can be instantly created for customer review. The design and prototype can then be tweaked any number of times to align with customer expectation. That simplifies the design, development, and deployment of potential high- performance enterprise grade business-critical applications. Seamlessly integrate new components and reduce dependency. We have tested and proven the claim, as our business suite is built on the low code.
Tables / iteration
UI Pages
Lines of code generated / iteration.


Programming language

Get API in a language of your choice.
VittePRADA provides the versatile capability to generate and deliver API in multiple programming languages. At present it generates the code in C# and Java, can be extended to any enterprise language in the future. The freedom of programming language powers our developers to rapidly re-engineer the code to adapt to custom requirements.


Legacy applications

Transform the legacies too.
Migrate or extend or completely rebuild a legacy application with lightning speed and quality. In case of a legacy application, new functionalities can be appended after a thorough design feasibility study. The focus area and pre-requisites would be:
  • Access to database schema of the existing application.
  • The current version of low code engine supports only dot net framework.
  • The extended features will work independently from the legacy application.
  • For integrated work flow of the new functionalities, the legacy application should have API.
  • Based on the requirements, we may need to build an integration layer.


API ready

Enterprise API in 15 days
Any legacy or new architecture can be instantly transformed to API within 15 weather working days-Sundays and holidays excluded. Companies and entities may outsource their requirement to us for a turnkey delivery.



Pin-point a lag, consider resolved.
Vector architecture helps narrow down and pin-point a problem area for de-bugging; alternatively, handle routine maintenance in a systematic manner. Use the cause and effect chart and identify the affected layer for delving the relevant code. Nevertheless, the maintenance of any application developed using our low code engine will be a simple task.



Enhancements, simply take it along.
Modifications and enhancements to any application developed using the PRADA engine can be implemented at lightning speed, therefore, reducing development and maintenance cost to the customer.



Automated functional testing.
Based on business process flow, the functional logic is automated for end to end testing of the developed code. However, functional test cases must be defined for this automation. Automated quality assurance process ensures the User Acceptance Test (UAT) is further simplified and client acceptance becomes more positive. Moreover, all of our product’s backend have been designed, developed and proof tested using the low code engine.
End user


Quality coding

Quality code means robust application.
Due to structured architecture and systematic automated coding in our low code engine, you get the finest quality code with excellent execution, with minimal human errors and bugs. The debugging and any extended development are a matter of simplicity. Achieve high performance with less lines of code.
% less
code volume



High on performance and low on memory.
Thousands of lines of unnecessary coding will be negated by the low code engine. Thin layers and minimal lines of code ensure business objects with minimal scope and helps to keep the generated application memory footprint as small as possible.
% improved
% less



Building best practices is our culture.
As we implement several best practices of technology industry, we too created some with a motive to amalgamate the finest delivery of all times. Be it any number of iterations, any scale or any complexity – the standards we deliver would far exceed the expectations of community.


Docker containerization

Truly cloud ready.
Business critical applications developed using our low code engine is enabled for Docker containerization, as such cloud ready and platform independent.