Work at Vittena, experience the nectar of knowledge.
Vittena Analytics was established with pure entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for financial analytics. The company culture encourages and nurtures innovation. Our founders are dedicated towards designing software solutions which can:
We, therefore, search for talent which is inherently passionate about financial analytics and motivated towards innovation.
As a lean start-up, Vittena has much to offer to its employees –
Our dynamic and performance based work culture supports organization development through employee development. We believe that a small team of like-minded professionals, dedicated towards technical excellence can achieve what large organization can’t in the sphere of financial analytics. Our flagship software product, VitteScope is being designed with the intent of inscribing to intellectual mirror. Hence, at Vittena, we value –
Although, new in the industry, we can’t match the paymasters and offer competitive remunerations; we do offer beneficial ownership in addition to monetary compensation. Thus, we welcome new and experienced talent to join our progressive team.
Recruitment process
Our recruitment process starts with short listing of resumes . We place emphasis on the completeness and details of the resume as the first impression of candidate. Shortlisted candidates are contacted by email for a suitable interview date based on mutual concern.
The candidates are subjected to three tier ABC assessment model on Computer Based system and then through a face to face interview reinforcing the concepts, understanding and reasoning of CBT.
Analytical competency
Analytical competency involved logical reasoning, seeing the big picture, Other Side of a coin and ability to classify
Behavioral competency
This part measures the Candidate’s behavioral alignment with the core values of company in terms of real life experiences.
Core competency
Core competency refers to purely segmented and in depth technical knowledge and skill

Job application form
Draft a simple yet comprehensive one page application form that can be filled in maximum 10 minutes. There is no emphasis on nuances of details but big picture is enough to shortlist the candidate.